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Author Topic: Rules of Conduct  (Read 1885 times)

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Rules of Conduct
« on: May 22, 2006, 03:49:25 PM »
We are all here to have fun so please respect each other. I am hoping that this will become a community of friends who will learn and grow from each other.

Golden Rule:
All work or links to work (your own or some one elses) posted at the dome must be created in, or at least 90% of the work must be done in, an open source or freeware program. There is no exception to this rule.

Definitions of both softwares can be read here.
Open Source Software

This does not apply to companies that release a ver of their software that is free, but limited in the usage or has a time period of usage i.e. Trialware. If the company or programmer does not have their software listed on their website or a distribution site as "Freeware" or "Open Source" than it is not allowed at the dome.

We here at the dome operate on the honor system. Please do not abuse that!

Other Rules to live by while you are here!
1. No swearing
2. No flaming, screaming (typing in all caps), spamming or flooding
3. Do not harass each other:
     3a. Harassment includes making rude or derogatory comments about each others work!
     3b. Posting rude or derogatory comments about another member!
     3c. Sending inappropriate PM's to other members
4. If you don't like the user or their work, just don't post! No need to be a hater!
5. Criticism is welcome on all works as long as it is constructive. Try to keep it positive!
6. No posting anti-semitic or racially derogatory material
7. No posting sexually explicit, pornographic or anything with grotesque nudity.
7a. This will result in a one warning. If you do it again you will be banned - no questions asked!                                   

The one major exception to this rule is Child Porn or posting images of minors nude. If you post it you will be banned for life immediately! No questions asked and all post containing the offensive material will be logged then deleted from the forum. Your IP address will be saved and your ISP will be contacted as well as the authorities in your area. If need be, all posts containing the images you post will be given over to the proper authorities.

8. Do to the fact that the Graphics Community in whole has a very wide age range, keep it PG 13. If you have any questions about the content of your submissions please ask before you post. You can PM an Admin or a Senior Moderator and ask them if the content is acceptable.

9. No ripping (stealing others work and posting it as your own) This will result in an immediate ban - no questions asked!
10. Any member caught using two accounts will get a warning and the least active of the two accounts will be suspended and then deleted. If they are caught doing it again, both accounts will be suspended and in 30 days the main user account will be banned. To sum this up, one account per member - keep it to that please.
10a. Now if a situation arise where you and a totally different person share the same internet connection, this is understandable. You and the other user must inform an Admin that you and the name of the other account share the same IP and internet connection.
11. Show respect to each other, not just the Admins & Mods.
12. No posting links or files containing WAREZ information ie. free serials, cracks, downloads or hacks to licensed software. Open source, Shareware, or Freeware is fine to link to.
13. All sigs must be limited to a size of 400 pix wide and 125 pix high. This will be enforced!
13a. Your sig spot may contain up to 3 images in this format only:
          - 1 sig (400x125) and 2 under banners (90x125)
          - 2 sigs (400x125) **ONLY**
          - 3 under banners (90x125) only
No other combo will be accepted.
14. All users accounts that are in the Rookie group and are not active for 60 days will be removed. We are not in it for the numbers!

In other words, kids... play nice and have fun!
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