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Author Topic: Dome Challenge Rules  (Read 269 times)

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Dome Challenge Rules
« on: October 10, 2010, 08:05:52 AM »
General Rules

    * A Theme is presented in the challenge. You are to create an image from the given theme.
    * Interpretations of a theme can be literal or subjective.
    * A Project type will be presented with each challenge. The project type can be a wallpaper, signature, icon set, or anything along those lines.
    * By default the project type is open. You are free to make what you want.
    * Submission must be created in  the specified time period for the given challenge.
    * Only one submission per challenge may be submitted.
    * Any resource may be used as long as you have the right to or permission to use it.
    * Any Opensource graphics program(s) may be used to create the image.


Open submission - Member posts their image or a link to their image in the submission topic.

Blind submission - Member posts their image or a link to their image in the submission topic, but the post is hidden from all members but staff and the member who posted.

Size: (unless otherwise specified)

Min: 22x22
Max: 4400X4400


Best Three: Each member chooses their three favorite submissions. Then posts the vote in the order of first favorite, second favorite, third favorite.
The first favorite receives 3 points, second favorite receives 2 points, and the third favorite receives 1 point. The vote post will be hidden from all members but the member voting and the staff.

Points are totaled by the staff and the submission with the highest point total wins. 
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