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Author Topic: Worm Rules  (Read 420 times)

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Worm Rules
« on: September 30, 2009, 08:50:14 PM »

These are the rules, they are pretty informal, but it helps the other artists and the staff if you follow them as best as possible:

The worm is a community project thats goal is to make one big image using many small images (panels). Panels are intended to blend from one to another seamlessly. Thus creating the illusion of one large image. They utilize two panels to do this the entry panel and the lead (lead-out). Each lead becomes the base for the next persons panel and they add a lead . Thus the worm grows.
Every submission must be two images
  • The entry should be 550x450 JPG image file with maximum of 90% compression. (check out  Save for Web or Save for Web plug-in using RIOT)
  • The lead should be 550x450 JPG image file with maximum of 90% compression.(check out  Save for Web or Save for Web plug-in using RIOT)

        * You must put effort into the picture you create for the graphics worm.
              o - Obviously, we don't want anything you just scratched up, or just copied and pasted. We're expecting a decent effort.
        *The piece you create must incorporate the previous artist's lead-out element.
              o - Work with the lead, what the last artist has left you, don't just fade it out or cover it all up. They have left it for a reason!
        *You must leave leading elements on the trailing edge of your piece, thus leaving the next artist a foundation to work on
              o - The challenge in a graphics worm is being able to develop something based on what the last user left you, if you don't leave anything substantial for the next person, theres no challenge.
        *Nothing offensive is allowed
              o - We don't want our worm tainted :P  The Rules of conduct apply to worm entries as well.

    There is a 3 day deadline to get a submission done, it's not strict, but it helps if you can show us the work in progress. We don't want to rush people, but at the same time, we will not wait forever for a submission.

    A post should be made in the Worm Submission thread with each new addition to the worm. If you are interested in contributing the next submission, post that you are working on it. Please do not do this if you have no intention of submitting.

    For safety sake, we will retain the right to not add the submission :P

    Posted on: September 30, 2009, 20:13:10
    These rules were modified slightly and borrowed from the rules of as I think they are generic enough and their worm is an excellent example.
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