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Author Topic: Current TotW - Mandala  (Read 241 times)

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Current TotW - Mandala
« on: August 31, 2010, 02:12:48 PM »
So i am digging this theme and cooking up a few ideas in the ol brain box. While i was out on a surfing/ trolling exposition i came across this little gem.

Which came from this informative article -

I find it simply amazing how they can create these fantastic mandalas than just brush them away.

I have had the honor of seeing one being built and it was pretty awesome. My little brother and a few others were given a little of the sand to help spread over this area that was being blessed and cleansed. I had to go to work before they were done so i never got to see the completed mandala, but my bro told me it was pretty fantastic.

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Re: Current TotW - Mandala
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2010, 04:24:23 PM »
Wow, that's impressive